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Back in November I received the iPad mini and smart cover for my birthday, but after months of carrying my beloved iPad around in my rucksack, the back of it gets very dirty and its more likely to scratch when wearing its Smart Cover. I decided it was time to invest in a new cover but being a student, it had to be cheap.

I found this 360 degree rotating Leather iPad mini case on When I bought mine it was only £3.99, but it is still going very cheap. The pros of the case is that it covers your entire iPad, so the screen and back are both protected when you are carrying it around. It also has the same smart feature where when you close the cover, the iPad locks.

photo 3

The 360 degree rotation refers to when you want to stand your iPad up. I have a wireless keyboard that I use for my lectures, so this feature comes in really handy for me. There are two different ridges so you can adjust the angle as well, although I found that the ridge closest to me was a bit ‘iffy’ when the iPad is landscape.

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The only real flaw of the case is that you can’t neatly fold the cover behind the iPad like you can with a smart cover. I like to hold my iPad with both hands portrait and type with my thumbs, but this is made a bit more complicated with the new cover.

photo 4

In terms of delivery it was very quick and packed carefully. For such a low price, you can’t really complain. My advice is to always check places like Amazon and for cheaper gadget cases, but ALWAYS check the seller before you buy!


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