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As members of the ‘Facebook generation’ I’m sure most of us can say that I’ve been there. The zone in which you receive a friend request from ‘D-Dog Mahmood’ and have casually wondered how on earth he got my details. But what if one day it wasn’t an obscure name but a relatively ‘average’ looking person, or even good looking… Would you start a relationship with them?

Catfish the TV show has spiralled from the famous film which is a documentary following Nev Schulman and his budding relationship with a young woman and her family – online. Without spoiling the ending for you, like with many things that occur online, all is not what it seems. We witness heartbreak in some extent and shocking reveals.

In this series Nev follows a group of people who, just like him, have found people online and fallen hopelessly in love with their relationships. Some of these have resulted in shocking, surprising and even weird encounters when he reunites the couple together.

This programme follows the format of an introduction to the loved-up participant, Nev speaking to their supposed ‘other half’, a visit to their partner and a reveal and conclusion at the end. Each story exposes something new into the online world whereby even seemingly successful relationships seem as though they may have a twist in the tale.

This programme is an eye-opener and really shows you into the world of Facebook and how dangerous and easy it is to create a new person. My one qualm with this is that surely people have learnt by now that having a relationship online without having met the person or even Skyped them is a bit suspicious?

In my head this should be a portrayal whereby people are made to feel slightly foolish for having so much trust in someone online without seeing their face or hearing their voice. However, the way this is captured is carried out so beautifully and innocently that you can truly understand their motivations for love means that they trust the other person.

Another top concept carried out by Nev and his team and one that warrants a look into – not just to see the twists and turns but also because every person should be aware of how unsafe Facebook may actually be.


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