Cartoon Quiz for iPhone is Nostalgia in an App


Cartoon Quiz for iPhone by Sami Chaudry was released onto the Apple App Store earlier this month. So, what does the app do? It’s a game/memory app essentially as you’re shown characters from various cartoons from all eras (which means that everyone will at least know some!) and you have to guess their name.

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Characters include:

  • The cast of The Simpsons
  • The cast of Family Guy
  • Various Disney characters
  • Cartoon Network TV characters such as George Jetson or Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Sound good? Good. There are 10 levels in the app with more being developed in future with 40 characters per level. That’s 400 cartoon characters in total for you to guess! There are no options or spell checkers in the game so it really does test your knowledge. Don’t worry if you come across one you don’t know though, there are 2 ways to get round it but first I must explain the currency of the game – gold coins.

10 gold coins are awarded when you get 3 guesses correct which in turn can be used for hints for the lesser-known characters. Each hint costs 10 coins. Still completely stuck? Well you can pay a whopping 200 coins for the app to give you the correct answer! Perfect for those of us that like to completely finish a level before moving on to the next one.

Being a free app, you can use In App Purchases to help your cause and improve gameplay. Purchases include more coins, the ability to unlock levels if you can’t guess enough characters and the option to remove the ads in the app, which brings me to my only qualm with the app. The ads.

Of course with any free app you’d expect adverts to pop up during gameplay and there is the option to pay and get rid of them. It did hinder my enjoyment of the app though, and I usually don’t mind ads too much. The problem is that they’re extremely frequent and they’re full screen ads – I’ve been typing in a guess when an ad pops up which then means I tap the ad and leave the game altogether (all by accident). Once or twice is acceptable, but it happened 5 times within 10 minutes of me playing the game.

Currently there isn’t any audio in the game – something that is being developed at the moment so I won’t dwell too much on that too much but I will say that good audio can enhance any gaming experience whether it be on a Playstation 3 or an iPhone.

Cartoon Quiz for iPhone is a pretty addictive app and is definitely a change from the platform games that you see so often on the App Store – it might rekindle your enjoyment of Hey! Arnold and cause you to watch it on Netflix, who knows? You can grab it from the App Store here for free of charge! What do you think of Cartoon Quiz? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below, via Facebook or Twitter!


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