CARROT breathes life into To Do Lists


I stumbled upon CARROT in the iOS App Store yesterday and had to review it. The reviews on the App Store were promising and after doing a bit of digging I saw what it was that CARROT brought to the table in terms of To Do List apps.

First of all, I’ll give an overview of the app. CARROT is a to do list app with personality – completing all your tasks on the app will make CARROT happy, and you’ll level up in turn. Not doing your tasks (or tapping her eye, muhahaha) will make CARROT unhappy and she’ll start to hurl angry things at you when you complete tasks instead of rewarding you with fun things.

She has 6 different moods ranging from Joyful to Wrathful, and the UI reflects her mood – if she’s in a good mood the app will be white and blue, but if you anger CARROT then the app will turn black and red. In terms of rewards, over 300 are available – from fun gifts to in app updates if she’s happy to insults and irrelevant Wikipedia entries if she’s upset. She’s also a bit of a tease; if you write that you’ll be going to the gym or on a diet, she’ll tempt you with chocolate or ice cream.

CARROT Corruption

You don’t want to corrupt CARROT, do you?

I digress from the main point of this app though – a To Do List app. Simply drag down from the top of the app to add a new task and once completed, just swipe to the right to remove it and receive points for completing it. I do have 1 little problem with the app though. I’d love the option to have a main header for a task, then to be able to click into it for more information. For example, I’d have a header “Shopping List” then I could go into that and see the individual items that I’d want to buy when I’m shopping.

Apart from that, the UI is simplistic and beautiful. It feels intuitive and with the personality that’s injected into the app, you’ll find yourself using it more and more – the way you can upgrade your level to unlock new things, it turns performing menial tasks into a game. It also has a set of sounds that goes with the app which change depending on the mood of CARROT – that with matching vibration patterns make this app one of my favourites to use. If you’re not one for sound effects and vibration patterns though (why wouldn’t you be though?!) you can toggle them off by swiping to the left to reveal a set of menus which also displays CARROT’s current mood.

Overall, CARROT is a beautiful take on a type of app that is traditionally quite boring and formal. It’s available on the iOS App Store for only £0.69 (temporary price, it will go up to £1.49 soon!), and you can grab it here. Still not convinced? Check out my gallery of screenshots from CARROT and it’s launch trailer below!


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