Call of Duty Ghosts: Multiplayer revealed.


Call of Duty has a rich history of providing an exciting and continuously improving online multiplayer experience. Since the release of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward have been making subtle tweaks to an already very popular online franchise. It is no surprise then that Call of Duty: Ghosts seems to have made the same subtle tweaks that keep droves of gamer’s coming back to spend their hard earned cash on another Call of Duty game.

The initial concept of CoD: Ghosts online multiplayer will be  familiar to fans of the series or anyone who has played a CoD game. The minor tweaks made to the format have been done so in order to give the player a faster and more intense game. It seems that Infinity Ward have really listened to the fans in order to make a much less frustrating experience.


There are three major changes to player movement in CoD: Ghosts: Sliding, climbing and leaning. The new slide is an alternative to the black ops ‘Dolphin dive’, instead of diving like a moron the player will now slide across the floor, getting rid of the annoying  jumping up and down people do upon an encounter. When climbing, the ability to continue hip firing your weapon has been added. This will hopefully put a stop to needless deaths when moving around the map, promote faster gameplay and reduce the amount of campers. The final addition to the movement mechanics is a leaning feature. Leaning  against a wall to peer around and shoot at enemies has been a long awaited feature in the series and should prove very useful under heavy fire.


While player movement has been improved upon, the new multiplayer deals with the fact that not everyone comes in with a pre-made team with state of the art headsets. ‘Battle chatter’ means that the in game characters will yell out warnings such as “watch your 6” to warn you when an enemy is sneaking up on you.

Cranked is CoD: Ghosts newest and most innovative game mode. The emphasis here isn’t on intricate and tactical team maneuvers. It instead encourages a faster type of gameplay with the focus more on the individual performance. Upon kill a 30 second timer appears, you then have to kill again to refresh the timer failing to do so will cause the player to explode.


The other main game type is a twist on Search and Destroy, a mode which I have always found to be either a love it or hate it kind of mode with fans. Search and Rescue adds features from kill confirmed to create further incentives to the gameplay. Usually dying in search and destroy meant finding something else to do for 5 minutes while the alive members of your team kept playing. The new twist gives players a second chance. Upon death, the player will drop a tag which if retrieved by your allies will revive you. If however the enemy collects the tag then you are forced to stay dead until the next round.

Infinity Ward have kept the killstreak system of support, assault and specialist killstreaks. The latest addition is a dog companion streak in the assault section. The dog will follow you around the map and bark to alert you of an incoming enemy giving an advantage when facing an encounter.  The UAV system has been completely changed. To stop UAV’s from being immediately gunned down in the sky, they are now placed on the ground like a sentry gun. The more of these that are placed on the ground, the more visibility of the map is granted. The AI controlled helicopters now give you the option of sniping from the side, a feature I’m sure fans will be exited about trying, getting sniped from the ground while you’re sitting up there might not be quite as fun.


The perk system is set to be very much the same as the previous games, many of the familiar perks will feature in some form in this game. In order to balance the perk system it will cost a certain amount of slots for different perk. Because some perks may be much more powerful than others, it will cost more slot allocations for the more powerful perks and less for the less powerful perks. The system takes inspiration from the allocation system in Black Ops 2 and is used on weapons and killstreaks as well.

The one major criticism of the past Infinity Ward Call of Duty games is the lack of imagination and diversity in the multiplayer maps. It seems that in this edition that won’t be as much of an issue. CoD Ghosts looks set to borrow yet another feature from the Black Ops series, the maps in CoD Ghosts’s are heavily influenced by those used in the Treyarch series of CoD games. Little information has been released on individual maps. We know that we have a map called Strikezone which is set in a small Japanese baseball stadium, the map seems to be the token small map of the series. Whiteout is a map set in a snowy maritime village, with buildings, boats and a lighthouse providing cover.


On first impression the new multiplayer should be exciting anyone interested in the series. Fans won’t need to be convinced to buy the most popular gaming franchise of this generation. On the other hand, skeptics may well be persuaded by new features to fork out for CoD: Ghosts. As a next generation launch title, this game continues to garner more interest. If you are a fan of the multiplayer I don’t think you are going to be disappointed by the latest installments attempts.


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