Bukcase – the only case your iPad will ever need!


Based in Manchester’s infamous Islington Mill, Bukcase specialise in book bound cases for iPads, iPad Mini’s and Google Nexus tablets. They offer a bespoke case for your tablet which will both look amazing and completely protect your tablet from the terrors of dropping, scratching, etc. Of course, there are so many styles of case for tablets available – what makes this one unique? They’re hand-made in Manchester to order by people with over 80 years experience in traditional book binding.

The slightly OTT & comical theme of British-ness is apparent (and welcomed) with the case and the Bukcase website – using words like “Spiffing” and “Ol’ Chum”, really playing on the old British stereotype. It’s funny, shows the British ties with the cases production and it reflects on the British personality – having the ability to take the mick out of yourself! I must say, the illustrations on the site really give it a personal touch – especially as they’re all done in the hand drawn style. It really helps explain the whole case making process easily.

Bukcase Hands on

The vivid choice of colours that you can have inside the case really merges the old with the new and gives you something that’s quite stylish and eye-catching. You can get either a pink, green or blue interior colour and you can also add bespoke embossing to the front of the case for an extra £10 – well worth it for a personal and sentimental present.

A case wouldn’t be a case without some added protection to the device – the Bukcase doesn’t fail to deliver here. With a hard front and back cover and elastic keeping the case closed, your iPad is safe from almost any kind of damage. I’ve dropped it many times since I’ve had it – my iPad is fine and the case doesn’t look like its taken a beating either! Even though it looks quite bulky in photos, it feels really comfortable in my hands when I’m using it.

The personal touch is something you definitely get with this case. When you open up your case, on the left hand side it’ll give you a hand written unique case number. As well as that, you’ll get a letter congratulating you on your purchase and telling you the date that it was made. Budweiser did a similar thing with their bottles of beer and I always thought that was pretty cool too!

This brings me to the only bad point I have to make about this case. With iPad cases that cover the screen, it has become the standard to include the SmartCover auto on and off feature – but sadly that isn’t present with the Bukcase. Even though it only takes a second to lock and unlock the screen yourself, it just seems a bit counter productive after using a SmartCover for so long. It’s not a deal breaker though, this is definitely the best case I’ve ever had for my iPad and I’d recommend it to anyone until I go blue in the face.

Overall, I love the Bukcase. I’ve reviewed a lot of cases for iPads and I can honestly say that this is my favourite. Everything about it just makes sense (apart from the lack of magnets for the SmartCover feature) and the fact that they’re all hand-made in the UK just makes it that little bit more satisfying. They’re available on the Bukcase site for the iPad, iPad Mini and the Nexus 7 ranging between £30 and £40. If you’re interested then you can get an extra 10% off by using  coupon code LP10%OFF when you pay.

Bukcase, well done & carry on with what you’re doing!


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