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Whilst at The Gadget Show Live a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Breffo Spiderpodium – a bend it yourself holder for your phone (there’s also other versions available for tablets and cameras). Who are Breffo? Well, here’s a brief history about the company from their site;

Established in the United Kingdom in 2009, Breffo launched its first product; the Spiderpodium, to huge acclaim. After identifying the market need for a cross functional and universal holder for the growing smartphone and hand-held gadget industry, we went straight to work designing an accessory to accommodate multiple devices and thus, the Spiderpodium was born. Following the success of the Spiderpodium, the ‘big brother’ Spiderpodium Tablet version quickly followed. Breffo continued its rapid growth globally and opened in the USA as Breffo LLC in early 2010.

What makes the Spiderpodium so unique? It’s British Grade steel and ‘SoftTouch’ rubber means that it can be bent into several different shapes for different types of holder. For example, you have the standard vertical stand, but with a few twists you’ve got a different shape which lets you prop up your phone in landscape (perfect for watching YouTube videos, films or TV!).

Here’s our video review of the SpiderPodium;

The Spiderpodium feels quite firm when you first take it out of its packaging and you don’t really want to bend it too hard but I recommend just getting “down and dirty” with it, it won’t snap under the pressure of your super human strength. Despite its firmness, the SoftTouch rubber feels quite soft which is perfect for any phone owner that’s paranoid about scratching their phone – I know I am.

When it comes to the bending of the Spiderpodium, I had a few teething problems. It is quite fiddly and the instructions on the packaging aren’t the clearest in the world, but saying that, after about 10 minutes of using it you kind of work out what you need to do and it becomes second nature. I did find that it didn’t wrap around the front of my phone too well and that one of the “legs” holding the top of my phone covered my lock button. This means that if I wanted to unlock or lock my phone I had to bend the Spiderpodium out of shape to do so – still a small price to pay for such a beautiful phone accessory.

The most innovative feature of the SpiderPodium is that you can make a holder that you can attach to your car fan grill. This eliminates the need for 2 separate holders, one for home and one for the car (it also gets rid of those nasty ring marks on the dashboard/windscreen that most holders make over time).

The Breffo SpiderPodium for phones (£14.95) and tablets (£24.95) are available on Amazon in a range of colours – all manufacturing is done here in the UK so you’ve usually got the Spiderpodium in your hands within a day or two of ordering. I’d definitely recommend it as a multi purpose holder for your phone! A cheeky tip from me is to bend back the top legs in its vertical position then you can slot your phone in and take it out with ease of access. What do you think of the Breffo SpiderPodium? Is it refreshing to see an iPhone accessory company that is based and manufactures in the UK? Is it innovation at its finest? Let me know via the comments section below!


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  3. Innovation is the foundation of commercial success. So, if this is designed and manufactured in the UK, why can an individual buy these from the USA for 75%+ less (including shipping,) than the prices you quote here?

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