Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones bridge the gap between mobility and high-fidelity!


Blue, a 20-year leader in innovative microphone technology and design, have launched the Mo-Fi – the first headphone to make high-fidelity mobile. Mo-Fi establishes the entirely new category of powered headphones, and completely redefines how listeners experience their music.

The headphone combines a built-in audiophile amplifier with ultra-premium drivers to deliver true high-fidelity performance on every device—from home A/V receivers to laptops, tablets, and phones. Mo-Fi’s unprecedented design and build introduces a new level of sound quality, comfort, and personalized fit never before available.

“Until now, the only way to get a high-fidelity experience was to use expensive audiophile headphones tethered to a bulky amplifier—not the way most of us want to listen,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue. “Mo-Fi changes all that, with a built-in audiophile amplifier that delivers the power and quality of a hi-fi system—inside your headphones. With Mo-Fi, we’ve brought a high-end listening experience to the mobile world we all live in. In fact, the concept is so simple and elegant, we couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been done before. So using that concept, we set out to design a headphone that would live up to the innovation Blue is known for.”


Unlike bass-in-your-face headphones, Mo-Fi lets users choose their own listening experience with three amp settings—On, On+, and Off. When switched to On, Mo-Fi activates the amp to deliver powerful, detailed sound. On+ engages the amp’s analogue low-frequency enhancement circuit to deliver incredibly deep and smooth bass. Off puts Mo-Fi in passive mode, for connecting to a home A/V receiver that may already have high-output amplification for headphones. No DSP tricks with Mo-Fi—these settings are 100% analogue to ensure a listening experience that’s true to the music.

Blue developed Mo-Fi’s multi-jointed headband and earcups from the ground up, marking a complete departure from traditional headphone design. Instead of using a fixed “spring loaded” headband structure, Blue invented a multi-jointed headband that provides total comfort and adjustability for a variety of head shapes and sizes. The earcups—shaped like ears—stay parallel at all times, creating the best seal for solid bass response, improved isolation, and reduction in sound bleed.

For height adjustment, Mo-Fi’s pivoting-arm design allows for an unprecedented range of motion and a personalised fit. The earcups simply float into place or fully extend out of the way when worn around the neck. Ditching the traditional one-tension-fits-all approach, Blue incorporated a pressure dial into the headband, allowing listeners to adjust the pressure and tightness for the perfect fit. This design also improves sound isolation and reduces ambient noise—perfect for noisy public areas or loud recording sessions.


Mo-Fi’s intelligent power handling ensures that the headphones are always ready for action. The rechargeable battery, charged via micro USB, lets listeners rock out with 12-15 hours of actual playtime. Mo-Fi knows when the headphones have been removed and automatically turns off to save power – and even if the battery runs out, Mo-Fi will continue to play in the Off setting, eliminating music blackouts once and for all.

Mo-Fi (MSRP £274.99) are available from Amazon, plus other UK consumer electronics and audio retailers. For more information, visit


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