Blue Peter Presenter Entry – Charlie Jackson


Doing a Television and Broadcasting course at the University of Portsmouth over the past 3 years means that I’ve been involved in a lot of TV shows, both live and pre recorded and all of the “behind the scenes” stuff that happens. Anyway, Charlie Jackson – one of our courses most promising presenters has applied for Blue Peter because they’re looking for a new presenter and I think Charlie would be pretty damn good at it.

He’s worked with kids before both in work and in front of the camera and he enjoys it (brave guy) so he’d be perfect for a Blue Peter job. It’s a long shot as there are thousands of applicants but check out his short video showreel of his presenting skills and a little bit more about why he thinks he should be  a Blue Peter presenter.

If you do like the video, make sure you share this page/his YouTube video so he can get as much support as he can to be taken into consideration for the role! Cheers guys.


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