Betasphere Diamond Bluetooth Speaker Review


A few days ago, a website called contacted me about their online store (they also have for world wide delivery as it’s a UK based site). I checked out their site and was blown away with the amount of stock they had. They cover most bases when it comes to gadgets – they have accessories for phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, GPS, Cars, sound and vision.. The list goes on. I’d definitely check out their site if you were looking online for good quality accessories. They’ve got a variety of iPhone 5 accessories, Galaxy S 3 accessories and are even stocking up on Galaxy S 4 accessories for when it goes on sale this month!

Betasphere Diamond Bluetooth Speaker

Anyway, to sample the quality of their stock, I was supplied with the Betasphere Audio Diamond Bluetooth Speaker – on their site for £35.40. You may think that for £35, a bluetooth speaker that has 5 hours of life with a single charge won’t be anything amazing. Well, you’re so, so wrong.

Before I go any further, I have to say that I was extremely surprised with the speed of delivery. My order was processed on Sunday evening and I had it in my hands on Tuesday morning, delivered via UPS. Delivery is sometimes an aspect that companies forget about but most people go a bit stir crazy waiting for their orders when online shopping – I know I do anyway.

The speaker boasts a lot of features – it has an in built microphone (and a call button) so if you’ve got your phone hooked up to the speaker and someone calls, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of disconnecting to have the conversation. It’s also helpful in most situations where someone on the phone wants to speak to a group of people because realistically, most calls on speakerphone on a phone aren’t loud enough. It has Bluetooth connectivity and also an AUX input for non bluetooth devices. Speaker wise, it has 1 full range speaker and 1 subwoofer which really does make it kick. It has inbuilt Lithium-ion battery which is charged via a supplied USB cable – simple.

When turning on the speaker, there is a light that flashes red and white – this means that its ready to connect via Bluetooth. The initial set up was as easy as turning on the bluetooth on my phone and selecting the speaker from the list of available devices. According to the box, the bluetooth range is up to 30 feet – while I couldn’t verify exactly how far I stood away from the device, it does seem to work quite well over a moderate distance. One problem I did have with it was that when I tried to use the speaker via Bluetooth on my iMac, the sound was fuzzy and sounded blown so instead I use a wire connection which eliminated all those problems. Fear not non Bluetooth users – just use the supplied wire to use the AUX in feature in the back of the speaker. When the AUX is plugged in, the little light in the speaker will turn red and you won’t be able to connect to it via Bluetooth until the AUX cable is unplugged from it.

Betasphere Diamond Bluetooth Speaker

Form Factor
The look of the speaker resembles that of the more expensive Jawbone bluetooth speaker with diamond-esque shapes protruding from the speaker grill on the front and sides of the speaker. I quite like that, it gives the speaker a bit of personality and it’s something that you can single out from a lot of other speaker designs. In regards to size, the speaker can fit in my hand with my fingers stretched out so it’s definitely portable – perfect for trips to parks or beaches with friends when you need a bit of music to lighten the occasion.

Betasphere Diamond Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality
Now for the most important section – there’s no point having an all singing, all dancing speaker that sounds terrible. When I played a song from my phone to the speaker for the first time I was blown away. The clarity of the audio was second to none (one of my pet hates is the fuzzy noise that you sometimes get with cheaper speakers) and it does get quite loud for such a small speaker. The thing that surprised me most about the sound was the bass – it does pack quite a punch and I’m pretty sure I get more bass from that little speaker than I do with my iMacs inbuilt speakers, which has led me to keeping the speaker plugged into my computer to use as a speaker system (I’m listening to music via the speaker as I write this review!).

Overall, I’m amazed with the quality of this speaker and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker (prices may vary between websites, so it’s probably best to order via MyTrendyPhone). Compact, loud, quirky looking and easy to use makes me give this product a solid 9.5 out of 10!


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