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ArdWear – established in 2009 is rapidly growing into a well known urban clothing line. The word “ARD” is actually an acronym, standing for “Another Real Designer”. Of course ARD is also derived from the slang term hard, but dropped the H as in that context, the H is never pronounced – keeping ties with their urban scene.

The thing that really struck me as interesting about this brand is that no one except the people that work for ArdWear actually knows who the owner is – even the email address to contact them doesn’t state their name. There’s something very Apple-esque about that – about how secretive it all is. I like it.

ArdWear has many connections in the urban music industry, being worn by multiple urban artists. They’re also the official sponsor of the grime collective “Family Tree” which consists of Merky Ace, MIK, Ego, Shifman and TKO. They also work with other grime artists, such as Kozzie.

At their first event as a brand, they gave away 150 T-shirts for free just so that people would recognise certain designs that are unique to the brand and wonder to themselves “where do you get that from?”. They also supply clothing for videos and photo shoots – brand placement is everything!

Stay ARD

In terms of their actual designs, they cover a wide variety of designs – my personal favourite being a complimentary one from the brand (cheers!) is one that says “Stay Ard” on the front, but the A is a silhouette of a woman on her knees. The brand logo is also on the sleeves and on the bottom of the T-shirt. The T-shirt itself is of high quality, though I’d advise getting the next size up because they’re more fitted T-shirts as opposed to loose fitting ones.

The thing that I was most surprised with when I got the T-shirt is the fact that they have their own label design inside the T-shirt – most T-shirts from independent clothing lines in the past have all just had the brand of the T-shirt they printed on, on the label. You know with this brand you’ll be getting quality goods.

Overall, I give ArdWear the thumbs up for having an interesting background and having some amazing designs at decent prices – most T-shirts were between £15 and £20, plus they get sent via Track and Send Royal Mail so you’ll always know where your order is. What are you waiting for? Head over to their site now and check out what they’ve got to offer!




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