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‘Amateur Surgeon 3’ really tested me this time in comparison to other games that I’ve come across for the iOS platform. Previously, I’ve listened to friends and downloaded games from the App Store that they claim to be extremely addictive. Give me five minutes with it and I’ve generally had enough. Games just don’t tend to grab my attention, but this one did.

When you download it from the app store, check you’re connected to a fast wi-fi network, or steal somebody else’s, because the app weighs in at 258MB. While the developer included in the version release notes that the file size had been shrunk, it’s still pretty hefty.

There is no denying that the graphics on this game are awesome. They are almost comic-book style but the attention to detail is fantastic. Even buttons have the odd blood splatter wonderfully thrown on them. You can understand why the file size is large, you can’t have your cake and eat it, right?

One thing that I really did notice about this game is the accuracy of it. Not medical, in any way, but in terms of using your finger to interact with it. It’s not fiddly, you actually quickly find yourself sewing up more bodies than you can shake a cat at. Also, they give you short, snappy hints when they introduce something new for you to use. This happens over a period of time as you progress, of course, they don’t make you memorise it all in one swoop.

For a moment of honesty, I can be quite an impatient person when it comes to games. In this app, before and after virtually every operation you do, you get streams of dialogue and interaction between characters. I don’t really care for this all that much, I just end up burning out the ‘skip’ button. Some of you may enjoy that, if you’ve got all the time in the world and you want to take in the entire experience of the game. Admittedly, some of it will make you laugh, and it’s all in light humour. Personally, I’d rather that be cut out so the file size can be shrunk even further and, more importantly, I can get to saving my mutant bears.

For those who aren’t impartial to the odd, secret in-app-purchase, you’re in for a treat with Amateur Surgeon 3. There are plenty of upgrade options for you to choose from if you become so addicted you absolutely must get the best chainsaw they have. The selection of things you can get is fantastic; however, you can do it the hard way and upgrade via gameplay. Cutting people open in games always feels better when you’ve earned the best tools to do it with.


Actual Gameplay Screenshot

Actual Gameplay Screenshot

Generally speaking, the performance of this game is brilliant. Very rarely during gameplay did I run in to any performance problems – I have encountered a force-close only once. On the other hand, this app is free, and therefore it includes adverts. What I did notice, and found a little irritating, was that when going back to the game, the app will load several pop-up notifications and an advert which resulted in significant lagging. Once you’ve bush-whacked your way through the ‘no thanks’ buttons, you’ll be good to go again. In comparison to other apps, though, the ads are few and far between.

Anyway, largely, this game is full of outrageous scenarios that you can only pray to God you will never genuinely find yourself in. It’s fantastically imaginative and grotesque in a way that doesn’t genuinely frighten you. With many eyebrow-raising locations to work your way through including a prison and a jungle (you’ll read about the bear in the app description…) what are you waiting for? Get your scrubs on.


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