Album of the Month: Opposites


Since seeing Biffy Clyro live as one of the support acts in my first ever gig, I have adored their music. I’ve always thought they have had a really unique sound, with funny lyrics and fantastic accents that you can’t resist singing in! ‘Revolutions’ was a superb album, and whilst I haven’t really listened to their REALLY early music, I thought ‘Puzzle’ was a good album only to be followed by an even better one.

With such high expectations, I was waiting eagerly the release of new album ‘Opposites’ and it certainly didn’t disappoint! It has some absolutely beautiful sounds with better lyrics and it sounds a lot more grown up than their previous album. As a result I’ve actually gone and got myself a ticket to see them live at the 02 (review to follow!). My favourite song from the album currently is Skylight, it just really got to me and you can hear the work that has gone into making the whole album. For the price you get a whopping 14 songs, which is a good few more than normal albums, so it’s a great bargain.

There are also many tracks on the album which are significantly heavier than on Revolutions, which is my only point, not criticism, but if that’s not your thing then I’m not sure you’d get on with all the tracks!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the album, and I hope you give it a listen. As for me, I shall be seeing them, along with my one of my favourite artists (City & Colour) very soon!


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