Achvr Review: Setting goals for yourself has never been so fun!


We all have things that we want to achieve in life. Whether its to have your first ever McDonald’s (first… who are you trying to kid?) or climb Mount Everest. For a long time, you’ve probably been keeping a note of these things on your iPhone… in the Notes app… where you probably never go. And it’s not exactly that fun.

Then Achvr arrived. Achvr is an app that lets you make a collection of some of your biggest goals. Download the app, and once you’ve got started, you’re presented with some of the most popular goals amongst us ambitious human beings. Visits to cities all over the world, mountain climbs, you name it. There’s even one for trying Sushi.

To get started, you have to make an account. The sign-up process is straight forward and very smooth. As I’ve mentioned in reviews before, normally I’m not a fan of making accounts where it’s not necessary. But with Achvr, some magic can happen by having a profile.

Achvr has made it possible to share your goals with people all over the world. Invite your friends to Achvr, and you can share your goals with them, too. One thing that is slightly frustrating is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to write custom goals. The idea of Achvr is almost to have larger, more standardised goals that make it easier to share and compete with friends. But, having that little window for individuality would be a great addition.

Then there are “Missions”. This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest features about Achvr. You win what Achvr so calls “Badges”. For example, one of these missions is named “Disney Pixar Movies”. Opt in for the mission, and there are sixty-six specific Disney movies for you to watch and tick off. You can spend approximately 99 hours watching movies and genuinely say you’ve achieved something. They span world travels, goals when it comes to reading, sports and more. Take your pick. In Achvr, there is the ‘Journal’ section. While I haven’t quite used the app enough to experiment with this yet, it’s basically a central place where you can visit what you’ve achieved and record your experiences.

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I’m a big critic when it comes to design. But Achvr is beautiful. The developers have spent a lot of time polishing this app. I do feel, however, that on the iPhone 4, users might get a little bit of lagging. On the iPhone 5S I’ve experienced the odd stuttering, so on the hardware of predecessors you might expect some glitchiness. If that’s even a word. The graphics, though, are smooth, sharp on the retina display, and they’ve even picked a great font. Who doesn’t love a great type face! The home page features a great stack-of-cards-style interface to flick between different goals, which is a welcomed surprise as opposed to just traditional scrolling. It just feels alive. On this home page, you can sort the goals by the “Discover” mode, which shows you goals you may be interested in, by most popular, by the amount of points they’re worth or even by the distance you need to travel to achieve it for the mavericks amongst you.

I’m genuinely excited for the future of this app. I feel like more people just need to discover it – no pun intended. Due to the social nature of this app, the more people who use it, the better it will become. You can grab Achvr for free from the App Store by clicking here. So what are you waiting for? Go and Achv some stuff and share it with your friends!


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