10 Random Facts You’ll Never Need to Know


I’m often told that I have an Encyclopedia of useless/random information in my head, so I thought I’d choose 10 random facts that you’ll never need to know and that’ll hopefully break the ice in an awkward moment. You’re welcome.

  1. The mating ritual of a Sloth, including foreplay, takes place and finishes within 5 seconds. (Source)
  2. You are never actually touching anything. Your atoms’ electrons repel objects when they are 10^-8 meters away from you, but you can feel the force of resistance. Technically, right now you’re hovering. (Source)
  3. In 2008, Doritos beamed a 30 second advertisement towards a planetary system 42 light years away. (Source)
  4. Biting a pencil can cure a headache. (Source)
  5. Alcohol activates and stimulates the part of the brain associated with honesty. (Source)
  6. By swallowing a teaspoon full of dry sugar, you can cure hiccups. (Source)
  7. The sweet yellow bananas we all know are actually a mutant strain discovered in 1836. (Source)
  8. White chocolate doesn’t actually have any chocolate in it. (Source)
  9. Bumblebees do warm up exercises before they take off. (Source)
  10. Over 30 million accounts on Facebook belong to people who are dead. (Source)

I know that the only one you’ll remember out of all of those is the first one, whoops!


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